$AMPT – The Amplify Vision

Vision Statement

To build a sustainable, bias-free, and inclusive financing system powered by decentralized innovation.
To provide SMEs with a sustainable alternative financing method by involving digital assets investors.
Amplify believes that through Decentralized Finance (DeFi) we can forge a win-win B2B2C relationship between SMEs and community investors, achieving the needs of all parties and building a sustainable and efficient economy.

Token: $AMPT

Amplify will issue a token, $AMPT, to coordinate valuable activity by different network participants. The main functions of $AMPT are the following:
    Governance: the $AMPT token functions as a governance utility that allows the community to vote in “decision-making activities” as well as protocol upgrades. The details of governance itself, albeit initially laid out by Amplify, are subject to change by $AMPT voters in due time, following the principle of “progressive decentralization”.
    Liquidity Incentives: besides interest, rewards for both lending and borrowing accrue in $AMPT. Also rewarded in $AMPT are incentives for providing other valuable liquidity (i.e. liquidity to the $AMPT token itself). The incentives are designed to both bootstrap the early Amplify markets as well as reward early adopters.
    Fee Sharing: a portion of fees collected by the protocol will be redistributed to $AMPT holders who stake their tokens in governance vaults.

The Amplify Vision

The Amplify vision is to create an entirely decentralized network using blockchain technologies that serves the whole of the supply chain finance vertical. By providing a lower financial threshold for financing and allowing underserved parties access to quality lending and borrowing facilities, Amplify will leverage its strengths to become a multi-dimensional and multi-directional integrated financial services platform. This will be a transformational step for SCF to resolve the issues that will be discussed in the following chapter.
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