Introduction to Amplify Protocol & AMPT.Finance

What is Amplify?

Amplify is a decentralized peer-to-business lending platform that rewards liquidity providers with lucrative interest rates and token mining bonuses.

How To Earn Using Amplify!

Amplify has Engineered a Lucrative Reward System:

Passive Income Rewards: Easily and effortlessly earn up to 20% interest by unlocking the liquidity value of your stablecoins and crypto assets.
Liquidity Mining Rewards - Liquidity providers on Amplify also earn a healthy stack of $AMPT tokens - our platform's flagship utility token. The rewards can then be compounded for even larger return or they can be withdrawn and exchanged on the leading dex platforms.

💡 Use Case:

While Amplify is a blockchain based defi project; It has a practical real-world application which sets us apart from the rest of the projects in the industry.

The Problem

Lack of Financing & Access to Capital

Lack of financing can paralyze small to medium sized enterprises and supply chain manufacturers. Often, they have a queue of clients ready to purchase their products -- but they cannot produce any more batches due to a lack of operating capital and access to additional financing.

Our Solution

Decentralized Financial Infrastructure & Blockchain Technology

Amplify tackles this seemingly impassable obstacle facing many entrepreneurs and business owners by utilizing the latest advancements in blockchain technology and by adopting a decentralized approach through the implementation of crowdsourced liquidity pools. Small to medium sized enterprises using Amplify are empowered to optimize their operations in order to maximize their output. Peer lenders are rewarded for taking a leading role in the advancement of the global economy.

📈 The Result:

Businesses are able to fully realize their production potential. Payment delays are eliminated altogether. Vital cash flow improvements. Reliable and sustainable access to capital.hi
Peer Lenders earn handsome rewards via interest gained from their liquidity provisions and token mining rewards.

🦾 Empowerment:

With this pecuniary liberation, business operators are free to sever their precocial reliance on exploitative and predatory financial institutions, and it’s all thanks to you!




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