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Lenders provide liquidity to help facilitate the Borrower financing. Liquidity is provided in form of stablecoins. There are only a few high-level steps required to start lending and earning:

  1. Agree with the Terms & Conditions if you haven't already.

  2. Click Connect wallet from the top right corner. Currently, Amplify Protocol only supports Metamask wallet.

  3. Explore the pools. You can view a summary of all Borrower Pools on the Earn page.

  4. Provide liquidity into a pool. KYC is not required.

  5. Join the Discord channel. The Discord is a great place to ask the community for help with any questions you have along the way, stay in touch with announcements, and engage in the community events.

Amplify Protocol provides tools to help participants interact with the protocol, but it is your responsibility to stay compliant with all legal, regulatory, and tax laws for your relevant jurisdiction(s). These guides are not financial advice, but are instead educational guides for how to use the Amplify Protocol's decentralised application. All protocol participants are strongly encouraged to consult with their own legal and tax counsel.

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